About Stearns Construction, LLC

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create exciting, comfortable and functional living spaces uniquely suited for each of our customers. Our purpose is to create the optimal home for our customer while leveraging every single dollar they invest and doing so in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Our Beliefs

    We believe we are highly privileged to be entrusted with one of the most significant investment and lifestyle decisions in our customers’ lives and we constantly seek to improve so we can continue to earn their trust.

    We believe design is at the core of each new and remodeled home and that our capability must always be leading edge.

    We believe the creation of a home is challenging and complex and that sharing our expertise in design, process and construction methods with our customers creates excitement, trust and a great customer experience.

    We believe it is our duty to continuously improve our purchasing, design and construction methods to increase the value we offer all our customers, from the simplest remodel to  $110,000 home buyer to the $1 million plus custom home customer.

    We believe it is our responsibility to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of our home designs and construction methods.

    We believe in building homes with lasting quality. We back this belief with a one year warranty and If problems occur, we believe it is critical that our response is timely and comprehensive.

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